Bring Out the Caviar, Darling!


I have been experimenting with a little bit of nail effects for the last few days and I think my favourite has to be the caviar from Claire’s Accessories paired with MUA’s ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’ (yummy name right!?) nail varnish. The fresh minty-blue colour is perfect for summer and it works so well with the striking gold caviar on the middle finger, sealed in on the nail with a bit of Seche Vite top-coat. The quality of these products is surprisingly very good: the nail varnish is very long lasting and the caviar was extremely difficult to remove, which is a good thing in terms of longevity, but a can be bit of a pain if you’re in a hurry!

As a little extra I have also found the chunky gold ring from Primark looks amazing with these nails. Overall this look (the MUA nail varnish, Claire’s Accessories nail caviar and the Primark ring) could not have cost more than £5, which is fantastic since I’m already spending money on stocking up on loads of summer clothes!

Double Whammy!

Double Whammy!

Dosing up a double whammy on the hand-front, I am sporting a delightful polish this summer, namely ‘Totes Pink’ by Nails Inc, and a fabulous hand-cream called Soap and Glory’s ‘Hand Food’. I received the nail varnish free in last month’s Elle magazine, however, unfortunately having checked on the website I have found that this particular polish was exclusive to the magazine. But never fear, eBay is always a good place to check! It is very similar to Essie’s ‘Fiji’ in that they are both very pastel pink, however this a little brighter pink with slight blue undertones.

The famous food-of-the-hands hand cream that has been number one on the internet for several years running now, is one of those products that I received as a gift quite a while ago but failed to crack open until a week or two ago (at least one or two of you out there must know what I’m on about with these types of gifts, right?). It’s all that you would want in a hand cream: nourishing, moisturising, quickly absorbs and smells sooo good and I have to say, since my very first taste, I have become addicted. Thank goodness that it isn’t actually food, because I would be the size of a hippo the amount I use of this!

Aztec Nails

5309_4425724373660_899450281_nI chose this design for the accent nail in tribute to the upcoming summer. I thought that this beautiful aqua shade (NYC nail polish…I’m not sure of the colour’s name) wonderfully counterbalances the harsh lines in the Aztec print. I added a small diamonte to top off a brilliant design from the top of the nail art pens, also used in the print, from Primark. I absolutely love these helpful hand-tools and would recommend them 100%! They cost around £1 – £2 for a white and black nail art pen, with a tube of diamontes on the end of each.

Hope you like these summer inspired nails!

Dreams Really Do Come True!


Boots – ‘essie’ Matte Top Coat – £8

Quick Review: 5/5

Not So Quick Review:

This product, by the famous ‘essie’ nail varnish brand, was one that I was quite sceptical about, before I actually used it! The idea that a topcoat could make a shiny, liquid colour appear as a matte, soft shade was unbelievable and was only, until I saw this hiding at the bottom of the ‘essie’ shelf in Boots, a product of my dreams!

Thank you ‘essie’, you’re my Fairy Godmother!

This nail varnish (if you could even call it a ‘varnish’) does exactly as the bottle says, despite my previous prejudice.

To be honest, I couldn’t fault it even if you paid me! The unique fashion finish acts perfectly as a top-coat, not causing the colour underneath to fade or the varnish to chip.

This is living proof – dreams really do come true!

I Got The ‘Hidden Treasure’ Matey!

IMG_1154Quick Review: 4/5

Not So Quick Review:

I have coveted Topshop’s ‘Hidden Treasure’ for ages…and, for Christmas, I finally got the loot!

I was enchanted by the variety of colours in the one bottle: blues, greens, gold, even orange. I found it a couple of weeks ago when, as usual, I was stood in Topshop peeking at all the nail varnish names. It sounds silly, but I really think they are hilarious! And what sounds even sillier is that, when I saw this particularly capturing polish, the name ‘Hidden Treasure’ sealed the deal as it fit this polish perfectly!

However, I did have to debate whether I should knock off one point from being 5/5 on my Quick Review due to how quickly the colour chipped off my nails. I decided I should, just to be completely honest in this review, but just know that this product is worth even a day of people commenting on your ‘treasured’ nail polish!


Seche Nail Lacquer

IMG_0788Quick Review: 5/5

Not So Quick Review:

Thanks GlossyBox!

This pretty popping-pink polish (like what I did there?) has a gorgeous glimmering (there it is again!) sheen that gives the intense colour that extra little something. It’s the perfect accessory to the neutral colours of this dreary seasons fashion and helps to brighten up any outfit.

I really love this varnish; therefore its large bottle and non-chip formula is an added bonus, meaning that it won’t run out for a long time.

I will definitely be checking out the website for more… and I think you should too!