Five Ways To Get Your Five A Day…

Cramming five fruit and vegetable’s worth of nutrients into day-to-day life can be really difficult if, like me, you have a busy, on the go lifestyle. Convenience when it comes to food is the only way to go when you have other priorities such as study, work or children, and that often means ready meals or oven chips. I’ve discovered five effective ways to get in all that juicy goodness into your day that will easily fit around your schedule:


  • The freezer is your friend – At the beginning of the week spend a little time cooking up a big meal you can easily freeze. For example, cook up a large soup with plenty of vegetables in it – leaks, carrots and sweet-corn are among my favourite to include, but there are so many variations it would be hard to go wrong! All you have to do is freeze portion sizes for each day you may be busy during lunchtime and then, when you’re ready to eat it, whack it in the microwave and you’re ready to go. Super nutritious, super tasty, and super quick – all round winner!


  • Infused water – Recently I have been carrying this around with me everywhere: my fruit infuser water bottle. My one is from Amazon, however they are available in pretty much all home-wear stores, and they are a fabulous way to get plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruit, without stopping and eating it – great if you’re not a big fan of the stuff! Just pop some segments of fruit in the bottle, add water, and leave over night in the fridge to let its juicy goodness transfer into a hydrating drink you can have on the go!



  • Smoothies – Similar to the infused water, smoothies are a great way to pack away the fruit (and even vegetables) without eating it. The Breville blender I have is especially good for time-saving as it doesn’t need plenty of washing up time wasted as the top is removed to drink from, and then can be dish-washed! Ideal! There are so many recipes online for green smoothies, citrus smoothies, berry smoothies and so much more, so why not check it out? It’s a filling snack or breakfast, and a delicious way of fitting one or two of your five a day.


IMG_8549Side note: The ballet teacher that takes these smoothies to work every day has MS. She swears that having a healthy smoothie while she’s teaching and on-the-go everyday helps to improve her health and give her the strength she needs to fight her illness and carry on her life as normal. 

  • Prepare your meals in advance – Meal prep is so important for healthy 
    eating and there areplenty of meals you can prepare in advance to take with you wherever you may be jetting off to. See my ‘Salad In A Jar’ post for an idea of how to prepare a salad in advance. You could make it even healthier by adding some orange segments or apple cubes – sweet and tasty additions to a crunchy, savoury salad!



  • Switch it about – Chop and change your normal meals and snacks to involve fruit and veg. For example, adding banana, blueberries or dried fruit to breakfast cereal is a yummy addition to an ordinarily boring bowl and slowly releases energy so it keeps you going for longer in a morning (who doesn’t need an extra energy boost when up early?) Taking snacks in your bag to work or college such as a fruit with a peal to protect from pen explosions or a book battering, or sticks of veg like carrots or pepper in a Tupperware (with humus – of course!) is a good way to keep you from munching on other things like chocolate or crisps when in a rush.


So there you have it, a few ways you can eat healthily without sacrificing time out a busy lifestyle. I hope some of these works for you. If they do, or even if you have any more tips to fit in your five a day, I’d love to hear from you!


Until next time!



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