Ladies of Britain…


So today is voting day in the UK and I wanted to send a very brief message out to all you lovely ladies of Britain. I have just arrived home from voting (for the first time since I have been the legal age) and suddenly felt inspired to grab my laptop and plea with you to VOTE! Thousands of women in the 1900s fought, sacrificed and starved themselves so that women today can have the dignified and important right to vote, so why would we let their sacrifice be in vain? It is very easy to spend an hour on the Internet and find out the general policies of the different parties, even to take short quizzes to match your morals and ethos to a party who feel similarly. Then all you need to do is pop to the poll station, which is usually in walking distance, and mark a cross next to someone’s name. So simple, right?

Many people aren’t bothered about what happens politically and therefore don’t bother voting, which is fine. However, if you’re one of those people who complain or grumble about policies that in place then you have the amazing power to help change and shape the society we live in to the way that you want! Politics does not need to cause arguments or fights between friends, families or lovers, it can be a personal choice that you choose not to publish all over Facebook, or rant about during dinner.

Give voting a go if you haven’t before, and if you already have – I salute you!


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