‘Etherial Muse’ Selection

I have always been a keen artist: my doodles and compositions over the years have ranged from five foot, oil-on-canvas extravaganzas, to tiny, intricate sketches on the back of a beer mat.

My newest style is inspired by many an Instagram stalk and Pintrest nosey into what other people are finding both exciting and therapeutic to create. As it is coming up to Summer, I feel a lot more happy and confident in myself (I guess a side effect of my self-diagnosed Seasonal Effective Disorder, who knows?) and therefore am focusing on mindfulness and emotional wellbeing, which, for some reason, is always reflected in my artistic musings.

I have found myself getting caught up in the odd, abstract worlds I place these little Etherial Muses in, as it is both visually wonderful but emotionally grounded.

So here’s a selection of my favourite pieces so far. If you are interested in buying any original watercolour paintings, or putting in a commission to see yourself or a pet painted as a Muse to put in a frame or perhaps have as a phone background, don’t hesitate to contact me on my ‘Contact Me’ page!

So, what do you think to the Etherial Muse selection? I’d love to hear feedback!FullSizeRender_1




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