Emma Hardie Amazing Face Body Scrub Treatment

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Body Srcub Treatment

Emma Hardie skincare products – a cult beauty brand must have, a staple in many bathrooms. For some reason I must have missed the boat on that one; I live in a town far from the likes of Space NK and Selfridges and have a strict non-online-beauty-shopping policy as a result of too many disasters at the hands of not being able to swatch, smell or sample. However I found myself popping into a TK Maxx store for a nice leather-bound notepad (as you do) and ended up having a cheeky peak at the beauty section to see if they have any hidden gems, as per usual. On this particular day I saw a large box sitting alone, surrounded by bottles of shampoo and half opened bars of soap, and what a gem it turned out to be! I ran over, picked it up and held it under my arm as I marched over to the counter, not even thinking about my ‘swatch, smell and sample’ rule. The price tag was just a bonus – usually £46 this bargain was an astonishing £10! When the cashier told me I think I actually squealed, much to my own, and my boyfriend’s who was standing with me not understanding my excitement at all, embarrassment. Awkward.

As soon as I got home I opened the lid of the box and peered in at the silvery-gold tub. Swatch, smell and sample.

The thick, creamy texture of the product feels more like a mask than a scrubbing lotion and is packed with granules of ‘Himalayan salts and organic red corn’ that buff away any dry skin, chicken-skin or just polishes up any toughened skin on the soles of your feet or on your elbows and knees. An invigorating scent of citrus fruits and floral notes of rose and jasmine flowers (ideal for me right!) both relaxes and refreshes, so it’s ideal for chilling out in an evening with a bath or kick-starting the day in a shower.

A beautiful product well worth its luxury price tag, let alone the steal I got it for. It’s safe to say I forgot about the leather-bound notebook.

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