26th July, To Be Continued…




I thought I’d write today’s entry on a separate post as quite a bit happened today too.

We decided that it was a shame we had been so jetlagged at the beginning of our holiday so we hadn’t actually managed to see much of Vegas yet. We woke up and went on the hunt for somewhere to eat breakfast and found ‘Denny’s’. The breakfast we all decided to get was called the ‘Red, White and Blue’ as it was two rashers of bacon, two fried eggs, some hash-brown (the American version which is just shredded potato, not what us Brits are used to) with a separate plate of pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream. Oh my, if I wasn’t so full after it, I could have eaten a hundred!

After that we bought an all day bus pass for around $8 which we thought was very reasonable, and as a tip for touring Vegas, much cheaper than getting a cab everywhere! We hopped on it and headed for the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas sign’ – it had to be done before we left! It was so much taller and large than I expected, and there was a bride and groom next to it which reminded me that I hadn’t yet seen a drunken wedding occur in Vegas. I don’t know why I was expecting to see hundreds of Friends’ Ross and Rachels running around with ‘Just Married’ written in sharpie on their foreheads, but I am very disappointed that I haven’t.

Just as we were leaving having had our numerous photos taken I spotted a man proposing to a woman and we stopped behind a bush to secretly watch. We presumed she said yes because a lot of kissing and hugging was happening when we began clapping.

Then we began walking back along the Strip, hitting all the hotels on the way: The Luxor – a full sized pyramid shaped hotel, Excalibur – a knights themed hotel which made us miss our home in the UK quite a bit, and the New York New York hotel where we took a ride on the famous rollercoaster that is on top of it which was fun but hurt our shoulders quite a bit!

This evening mum was desperate to visit Freemont Street, however having been there five minutes and already seen several topless dancers and a man being chased down the street by armed cops we turned round and came straight back to safe Venice.



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