Breakfast, Browsing and Buying

Oh my word it has been such a busy day, I’m struggling to think if it really has all been in the same day! First things first, we went to the Bellagio Hotel, which according to Mitchell is “extraordinarily famous and is in the film ‘Ocean’s 11’”…what ever you say! Despite me having never heard of it, it fell nothing short of my brother’s eager expectations. In true ‘viva Las Vegas’ style we decided today was the day we would try and stuff as much food in our bodies as humanly possible at the incredible all-you-can-eat buffet! Oh Lordy, it was heaven –

Course 1 – Eggs Benedict, O’Brien potatoes, spinach, bacon and a bagel.

Course 2 – Strawberries and cream.

Course 3 – French toast, 2 pancakes, a waffle, yet more bacon and practically a jug of syrup.

I’m just awaiting my heart attack: it will be completely worth it.

After that we very steadily and slowly wobbled around the hotel itself to explore. It was magnificent. In the front lobby there was an amazing piece of glass art covering the ceiling that fit in with the botanical theme of the hotel; flowers surrounded the front desk, including miniature hot air balloons in the background. I must say the effort gone into the display of this particular hotel was exceptionally impressive – a large conservatory was filled with different kinds of flowers, ornaments such as large snails made from flowers, and a bridge that took you over a small pond. Breathtaking.

Next we wandered further along the Strip to Caesar’s Palace Hotel, which was one of the largest buildings I had ever seen… in fact, the entire scale of Las Vegas is mind-boggling. They say that Las Vegas is a place to be when you’re 21 and can drink and gamble, but to be honest the quirkiness and intensity of the city made me feel pretty drunk despite being completely sober! It is definitely something to add to your bucket list! But anyway, Caesar’s Palace: The only thing about this hotel was that at first glance you would presume the designers clearly spent the budget on scale rather than detail. For example, the fake Colosseum situated outside the hotel really was massive, but a lack of detail caused it to not look very realistic and more like the set of a play. However, the inside was much better. Huge statues and fountains decorated an impressive array of designer stores, tiles on the floor added to a more authentic ambiance and ceilings that depicted Rome’s great history and culture were mesmerising.

From here we began making our way back to the hotel, but on the way I spotted a Sephora store so I let Mitch and Mum go on without me… the sale was too irresistible! After a perfect couple of hours milling in makeup shops (I may have spotted a Walgreens with drugstore makeup counters on the way out of Sephora) I headed back to our room where I found Mitchell Skyping our Dad who was busy gloating that England is too hot at the minute because it was ’27 degrees’… Gee Dad, I feel so sorry for you, one second while I turn up the air conditioning to stifle the 40 degree heat out of here.

Anyway I think I’m going to have to love you and leave you: we about to go downstairs to book a daytrip to the Grand Canyon in the lobby!


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