Our Little Venice

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 17.16.43

There are no words. We don’t live in a hotel; we live in a city! Well, Venice to be exact.

I thought the post earlier would be the only one of the day, however I couldn’t not tell you about my latest discovery: I have discovered exactly why the Venetian Hotel is the best on the strip: the shopping. Not just the type of shopping you and I are used to but an all-new experience of browsing.

The shopping floors are located underneath the ground floor that contains the lobby, casino and art galleries. Each shop is designed to look like an old building, the hallways are decorated with statues and lampposts and the ceiling is painted blue with lights that change colour according to the time of day all to portray an outdoor effect. But by far, the most impressive thing about this whole charade is the canal filled with running water that winds its way past shops, restaurants and through the central ‘town’ square where a stage is decked with bands performing live music to add to the overall authentic feel of the city. Passing along the stream are several gondolas steered by men in rather dapper stripy suits who sing to you as you glide through the hotel. We didn’t ride one today, but I sure want to before we leave!

So after the initial shock of discovering a fully functioning secret city under our hotel, and after taking several hundred photographs, we met up with mum for an ice cream while watching the live band from a bench near the canal.

In the later evening we finally ventured out onto the Strip, though not very far as it was already getting pretty late. We were feeling a little homesick so we managed to find a Starbucks and have a sit down before having a wander over to The Mirage Hotel. This particular hotel is famous for it’s fire display complete with an exploding volcano, which I would highly recommend as it was breathtaking!

A cheeky bite to eat at McDonalds later we headed home for a good night’s rest, and here we are.

So goodnight, from our very own little Venice.


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