MAC Studio Fix Fluid Fiasco

MAC FoundationAfter a little research before a visit to Selfridges, I decided that I just had to get a MAC foundation. So when I had finished my little shopping spree I strutted out of the store with a small, yellow paper bag containing MAC Studio Fix Fluid (SPF 15) in NW13. I tried it once. I tried it twice. But now, it’s safe to say, it is tucked away in the back of my makeup drawer, never to be seen again.

The first thing I noticed was the over-powering stench that I have narrowed down to the odd plastic smell of the shiny material that covers everything at a children’s indoor play area, you know, the ones with the slides and ball pools? Too specific? Ah well. The colour was completely wrong for me, however I suspect this is due to the dim lighting in Selfridges disabling me from seeing the exact match to my face properly, and is obviously not a flaw of the overall product. Also, I am not exactly sure what skin type this foundation is aimed at: I have combination skin and this foundation seems to cling to the areas of my face that is pretty dry, like my around my nose, and the product slides off the more oily areas, like my forehead: because of this, the foundation not long lasting at all.

I know that this has been a very negative review but I am not ruling out all MAC foundations. In fact, I am currently looking more into the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 at the minute, making sure that I do enough research this time to ensure that this whole fiasco doesn’t happen again!

What’s your favourite foundation?


6 thoughts on “MAC Studio Fix Fluid Fiasco

  1. I absolutely love the MAC Studio Fix
    I am a NC20 normally and NC25 in the summer. I have combination skin, but make sure to moisturise daily to keep my face from getting dry spots or “cakey” hopefully you find one that works for you…if you go to a MAC counter they will do a match test for you if you would like

  2. Oh no! 😦 That sucks you paid all that money, and it didn’t turn out! Weren’t you able to match the shade in the store? You know that MAC accepts returns if you don’t like a product, right? Just bring in your receipt and the leftover product, and they will refund you. My friend had to do it with one of their lipsticks once.

  3. I don’t use foundation but it’s good to see a negative review now and then, as it gives more credence to your positive ones. Just noticed your instagram pictures at the side, btw – lovely photos and well-jell re the ‘Stones’ concert – enjoy! 🙂 x

  4. That’s funny, i love MAC and i’ve never tried their foundation but a couple of friends have said that they didn’t get on with it either so i don’t think i will be switching from my long standing fave foundation, Estee Lauders Double Wear any time soon.

    1. Well this is the only MAC foundation I have ever tried so, like I said, I’m not going to rule out all them yet 🙂 ooo, I’d be interested to try that one…the constant hunt for the perfect foundation continues for me for now though!

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