Double Whammy!

Double Whammy!

Dosing up a double whammy on the hand-front, I am sporting a delightful polish this summer, namely ‘Totes Pink’ by Nails Inc, and a fabulous hand-cream called Soap and Glory’s ‘Hand Food’. I received the nail varnish free in last month’s Elle magazine, however, unfortunately having checked on the website I have found that this particular polish was exclusive to the magazine. But never fear, eBay is always a good place to check! It is very similar to Essie’s ‘Fiji’ in that they are both very pastel pink, however this a little brighter pink with slight blue undertones.

The famous food-of-the-hands hand cream that has been number one on the internet for several years running now, is one of those products that I received as a gift quite a while ago but failed to crack open until a week or two ago (at least one or two of you out there must know what I’m on about with these types of gifts, right?). It’s all that you would want in a hand cream: nourishing, moisturising, quickly absorbs and smells sooo good and I have to say, since my very first taste, I have become addicted. Thank goodness that it isn’t actually food, because I would be the size of a hippo the amount I use of this!

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