The Clinique Face


I think by now you will have guessed that I am a bit of a fan of the ‘lip crayon’ products that have been all the rage this spring, so it would seem only natural that I would have to pick up a Chubby Stick for eyes, right? I chose the shade ‘Fuller Fudge’ (inspired by Anna); a deep chocolate brown with red undertones and flecks of gold running through it. I love the way that it makes my blue/green eyes pop with the contrast between the two colours and can be built up to create either a natural shadow or a popping smoky-eye look. I applied the colour all over the lid, buffed it out, and left the inner corner of the eye free from product to ensure the eye is still brightened and contoured, rather than all plastered in colour. This is the perfect product for eyeshadow ‘nubes’ as it is so quick and easy to apply.

I then used ‘Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense’ eyeliner in ‘01 intense black’ in the outer corner of the eye and down along the lower lash line. This liner is perfect for smudging along the lash line and is very long lasting: ideal for a night out.

Lastly one the eyes, I applied a generous coat of the ‘Clinique high impact mascara’ to frame the eyes and complete the effortless smoky-eyed look. This mascara is lengthening but not very volumising so it creates a natural lash for during the day. I don’t think this mascara is really for me as the preferred mascaras I use are much more volumising as well as lengthening. Don’t worry… ‘preferred mascaras’ will be a post coming up shortly!

Clinique’s ‘long last glosswear’ in ‘Kissyfit’ slapped on the lips and I’m good to go! These products are all featured in this seasons ‘Bonus Time’ offer (apart from the eye crayon) so if you hurry they could be yours for free! (gosh, that sounded cheesy; I’m a marketer’s dream!)


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