Clinique’s ‘Really Rio’

Clinique's 'Really Rio'

There it was. The perfect summer polish colour. Sat sweetly on a little stand on the front counter of the Clinique booth was ‘Really Rio’, one of the nail varnishes in Clinique’s new ‘sensitive skin’ range of polishes. Naturally, I wanted to test this little baby out on my nails right there and then, however I already had a dark blue on my nails, and this is when the lady on the counter chooses to swoop in. She swiftly pulled a small piece of clear sticky-tape from behind the counter, applied a generous layer to the non-sticky side and placed it over my nail. What a great trick? I know what I’m going to be putting in my bag next time I’m on the hunt for a new nail varnish!

The contrast between the coral colour and my skin tone creates a great tanning effect and the formula’s very impressive as I have had the same polish on my nails for about four days now and it’s still looking pretty perfect. I think Clinique’s on for a win on this one!

P.S. Heads up: I am going on an American Road trip for six weeks (insert Legally Blonde quote: “road trip! Ahh!”) in about a month’s time, so if any of my American readers have any suggestions of some beauty products I should pick up while I’m over there that you can’t get in England, lemme know below!


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