Tan Up!

Tan Up!

To start with I am going to jump right in with the obvious choice when wanting to get your tan on – fake tan! We all know that going through tubes and bottles of the stuff can get expensive, so it’s always a good idea to have an idea of a cheaper alternative in mind. Enter ‘Asda Self Tan Instant Lotion’! Before you judge, this product really is incredible – it is the most natural looking tan I have tried yet and it only costs around the £3 mark! It does not lather your body in an excessive amount of glitter particles, unlike quite a few high-end tans (it really annoys me when a brand ruin a perfectly good product with glitter as I end up walking around in the sun conscious that I look like a vampire out of the Twilight Saga!) and smells divine! All in all a really impressive product, coming in three shades, that wont break your bank even if you decide you don’t like it after one use.

(If you’re wondering, the tanning mitt in the background of the image is from Home Bargins and cost £1, to fit in with the budget fake-tan!)

Secondly, Garnier have recently launched a range of BB products including a concealer, an original BB Cream and other BB Creams targeted to specific skin types, and so far I have tried the Miracle Skin Perfector Original BB Cream. I am the shade 02 in ‘light’ (I know that on the website there is a page where you can find out your shade if you’re interested), and I have found that, due to this product being low coverage yet highly pigmented, it gives my face a natural tanned effect – perfect for those, like myself, who are a little nervous of fake-tanning their face! I find it is great for a day when you want a summer glow in your face, with a low coverage base to avoid appearing cakey in the sun.

The less obvious choice out of the three is a nail varnish by Essie in the colour ‘Fiji’. I first saw this on the stands in Boots and decided to pick it up purely for the name: I lived in Fiji for a few months when I was younger and it was one of the best times in my life so far! Then the hype happened. I recon that everybody and their dog walker (what haha!) has heard of this summery varnish; a pretty pastel pink that, I realised after purchasing it, is named Fiji because of its natural tanning qualities. The contrast between my natural skin tone and the off-white pink made my skin appear darker than usual so is going to be my go-to nail varnish of this summer!

So there you have it, a few products that will help to achieve a natural tan in the run up to summer! Ladies, it time to tan up!’


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