April Favourites!

April Favourites

April is one of my favourite months: the weather is just starting to turn, gracing us with glorious days of sunshine, the days are getting longer and the baby birds in the nest outside my window wake me up each morning with their cheerful chirping. Sigh… Anyway! There have been several products that I have been loving this month, and I thought I would share them with you!

The product I have been using most this past month has got to be the Jelly Pong Pong ‘lip stain’ (the shade Marshmallow Pink), another dupe of the Clinique Chubby Sticks and this featured in my previous post because I received this in the March GlossyBox. This is the best colour for spring since it is really bright and…would you know what I mean if I say it’s a ‘happy pink’!? The colour is also the perfect shade to contrast with my skin tone making my skin look tanned, just in time to welcome the upcoming summer months. This lip stain is really moisturising which is excellent to help treat chapped lips that have been affected by the harsh winter weather, and to protect against the sun that has gradually been making more and more appearances (yippee!).

Another makeup item that I have been loving this month is a peachy-pink natural blush that would suit all skin tones that I picked up when I was in London browsing those beautifully enticing counters in Selfridges; MAC Melba blush. I first found out about this from Charlotte who had this colour and had been raving about it. We stood in front of a huge shelf covered in a myriad of blushes and, by some miracle, she managed to point out ‘Melba’ to me immediately without having seen the names of any of them. The colour is THAT lovely! After a typical-girl-moment of giggling and freaking out about how weird it was that she could do that, I applied the beautiful colour to my face. Then, I kid you not, a lady approached me, who clearly did NOT work there, and asked me what the colour was that I had on my cheeks. I answered “MAC Melba”, and she replied “Oh, it’s beautiful!”, she promptly proceeded to pick one up and take it over to the counter to purchase! Yes. Proof enough.

The third item…well… items, are two hair care products that I think compliment each other really well; Batiste ‘light + blonde’ Dry Shampoo and Sassoon Spray Shine. I had been using the XXVolume dry shampoo by Batiste, which is very good at creating volume: ideal if you want to backcomb your hair. However, I was getting really fed up with constantly sporting an aging lady-in-denial-who-dyes-her-hair-blonde look due to the grey powdery residue left around the roots of my hair from the spray. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to brush all of it out. Enter Batiste ‘light + blonde’ Dry Shampoo! This is ideal for my hair colour as it does not leave behind the grey deposit, but rather dispenses a yellowy coloured spray, thus eradicating my problem. However, this product is not enough on it’s own; enter Sassoon Spray Shine! All dry shampoos leave a slightly dry, matte look to your hair so I simply spray a little of the shine-in-a-can to the lower two thirds of my hair to ensure naturally shiny, yet very non-greasy locks!

Finally, a couple of little extras…The Barry M Gelly Nail Varnishes have really been impressing me lately: the formula is great – it really has the appearance of gel nails and they are cheap as chips! My favourite shade is ‘Lychee’: a nude concrete colour with pink undertones. My non-beauty favourites of April include a necklace that I picked up in the Topshop spring sale. It was down from £8.50 to £1.50 and I absolutely love this tribal interpretation of an eagle design. It goes with pretty much any outfit as it can be paired with a casual everyday look, or added to a dressy outfit for an evening out. And lastly: Disney and Dreamworks films! This April has been a lovely month of reminiscing the good old days (the 90s!) when Prince Charmings sweep Princesses off their one-shoed feet and ancient Egyptian Princes save their suffering slaves (haha)! Hooray!

Happy Spring!


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