‘Balmy’ About Elizabeth 8hr Cream

IMG_0136I promised a full review of the Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream/Balm so here it is!

This creative cream can be used for all sorts of things, and it’s partly for it’s impressive versatility that this has become such a cult product. The main use I found for it was as a lip balm for during the day and night – it is intensive without having the white cast that many night balms leave. I have found that it more has the appearance of a lip-gloss, however feels like a silky lip balm and slicks on smoothly. I have also used it on dry areas on my body, such as the heels of my feet, elbows and knees and I found it worked just as well!

A reader of my blog (Clare) helpfully informed me in a comment in my last post that this balm was originally made by Elizabeth Arden for her horses! Is it just me that finds fun facts like that so interesting that I just want to tell everyone I know…like including my little brother or something? Yes? Ok.

If you guys know any fascinating facts like that about beauty or fashion then let me know about them in the comment box below: I love reading what you guys say!


2 thoughts on “‘Balmy’ About Elizabeth 8hr Cream

  1. Ooh i love this product ! It’s great on sunburn too and when you have a red raw nose through cold in the winter ! xx

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