March 2013 GlossyBox

IMG_0185I don’t normally do GlossyBox monthly posts because sometimes the products aren’t really worth a post, not because they are awfully bad, but they’re just…meh, or I haven’t had chance to use them yet and they have been chucked into my samples box. However, this is the last GlossyBox of my subscription, and I thought the products that were sent are the perfect balance of beauty products; a nail varnish, a makeup item, a skin care product, a hair care product and a perfume sample! Fab! I wish that every box could be this great! There are a couple of little hiccups in this particular box, but overall I am really pleased.

I have said before that I am not keen on perfume samples in beauty boxes; you can just as easily get them for free at the counter in which they sit, perfectly happy in a little glass bowl ready to be taken away by an inquisitive customer, right? The sample I received from this month’s GlossyBox is the Juicy Couture ‘Lala’ perfume. This perfume is usually encased in its impressive glass cut bottle, quite literally tied up with a bow, and frankly I have always wanted a Juicy Couture perfume… just for the bottle! The smell is lovely also; floral, yet fruity, just the way I like it.

The second item I received is a mini version of Nails inc. St James’; a hot pinky-red varnish. I have to say; I am not all that impressed. Firstly, I am not all that keen on the colour, I have always thought that reds and intense pinks wash out my olive skin tone, making it look yellow rather than naturally a little tanned. The first coat applied perfectly fine, however, when I applied the much-needed (even after three coats you can see the small amount of dirt that may have gathered under your fingernails during the day through the colour… ew, I know but we all get a bit now and then!) second coat it took nearly half an hour to dry, which, when you’re doing your nails in bed, already nearly drifting off asleep at eleven o’clock at night, is not ideal. I awoke in the morning with the pattern on my duvet imprinted in the varnish. Also I found that, even after all those coats, it did not have good longevity and chipped very quickly.

I have not yet tried the third product in this month’s edition, however I have heard great things about the Elizabeth Arden 8hr Balm/Cream, and I am impressed that they have managed to include this sample as I have wanted to try this product without spending the money it would cost for the full size, and possibly end up not liking it so much. So I’m really excited about trying this product!

TRESemmé Salon Finish Hairspray is another product that I have heard a lot about, seen in plenty of monthly favourites videos, so I was surprised to find the full size can snugly sat in the puffs of padding at the size of the box. However, having tried this product, I am a little disappointed by the quality. I found that the spray did not hold my hair as well as I thought it would, keeping a backcombed piece of hair for a maximum of half an hour. Despite this, I am giving this product the benefit of the doubt in wondering if it’s ‘not you, it’s me’; I have very, very thick hair. I have never met anyone, except maybe my mum, with hair that is as thick and long as mine (sounds nice, but you should see how many bottles of shampoo I go through!), so naturally my hair requires a very strong hairspray. I will continue to use this spray though; I am determined to get through each product I own and learn to love the ones I dislike, but maybe next time I use it I shall just apply it for a little extra hold in light curls or waves, rather than a messy backcombed look.

And finally, my favourite product: a Jelly Pong Pong lip staining balm. This is yet another dupe of the Clinique Chubby Stick (read my previous post for other dupes), and unfortunately it arrived a little broken – the lipstick was detached from the holder and kept falling out. I have since contacted the GlossyBox team to inform them of this little ‘hiccup’ and received a helpful, friendly email the next day telling me they will be sending out a replacement. However, I have tested this pretty product (a…few times!) and I absolutely love it! It is the perfect pink; very bright and vibrant, a wonderful spring shade that contrasts against your skin tone, causing it to look tanned. The moisturising element to this lip ‘crayon’, as I referred to this type of product in my last post, is excellent and it feels like a lip balm, therefore it is very easy to apply and is very light weight on the lips while still maintaining the longevity of a normal lipstick.

I know that overall actually this sounds like a bit of negative review, but if GlossyBox had items similar to this month’s in every box, I would definitely be a happy bunny!

4 thoughts on “March 2013 GlossyBox

    1. Oh really? It may just be that colour against my particular skin tone, I know that right reds and pink suit a lot of other people and I’m always envious of that 😦 I do generally like other Nails Inc polishes though! X

  1. Looking forward to your eight hour balm review….I cannot live without the stuff! I have used it for over fifteen years (I am old) and have about eight tubes (on my desks, in bags, car, by bed and so on). Great for lips and cuticles, adding gloss to make up, say, eyeshadow in the centre of the lid or to highlight cheek bones, relieves sore chapped hands, heals cuts, dry heels and elbows, all over my face when flying long haul, the list is endless. And to think Elizabeth Arden created it for her horses originally!

    1. Well you won’t be waiting long don’t worry! I have a ‘monthly favourites’ coming up next and then after that you’ll be reading all about this beautiful balm! Just make sure you click ‘follow’ so you can get an update on when I have put up the post-you can always unfollow I you don’t agree with what I wrote but, by the sounds of it, we will have pretty similar views! 😉 wow! I had no idea it was meant for horses originally! Thanks for the interesting tips 😀 x

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