A Lovely Little Lip ‘Crayon’ Assortment

IMG_0196Ever since Clinique launched the new interesting, innovative and inspiring ‘Chubby Stick’ range highstreet brands have been shooting dupes at us from all directions, from Soap and Glory to Poundland’s own-brand ‘Chit Chat’. I have collected a little assortment of these lovely lip crayons (we already have lip pencils and lipsticks, so why not lip crayons?) over this past couple months and I am thoroughly enjoying each and every one of them!

Firstly, let’s start with the one that started it all off – Clinique’s ‘moisturizing lip colour balm’, otherwise known as the wonderfully, humorously named ‘Chubby Stick’. I have the shades ‘Woppin’ Watermelon’ and ‘Curvy Candy’, and out of the two I think I would have to label ‘Woppin’ Watermelon’ as my favourite. It was with this one that my collection first began; this past Christmas my best friend, Amy, told me that I would not have my present on Christmas Day because of jam-packed post office deliveries around that festive time of year. I was a little disappointed at first, however all these feelings were brushed aside as soon as I opened the door one day in early January and saw the little silver box tied up in ribbon attached to a tag that had the CLINIQUE logo on the front in her outstretched hands. Removing the lid I was euphoric to find the small packaging of the Chubby Stick I had been coveting for weeks snugly nestled in the puffs of white tissue paper. She informed me that she had tried the same one and loved it, and Amy, I would absolutely have to agree! The subtle pink is a your-lips-but-better shade that highlights your natural lip colour with a moisturising sheen to the lips that lasts hours. It is the perfect lip for a ‘no makeup makeup’ look and never leaves my handbag, so thank you so much to my beautiful bestfriend who couldn’t have picked a better prezzie! ‘Curvy Candy’ has the same moisturising longevity, however the pink is more intense and pigmented. In the department store I bought this crayon in, I was two-ticks away from purchasing the ‘Chunky Cherry’ shade, however, thinking of the immense amount of red lipstick I have in a drawer at home, I made a snap decision to snatch up this plush pink. They are rather expensive (£16) for the amount of product that you get, but totally worth it for the amount that I use mine! The only flaw the Chubby Sticks have, in my opinion, is the smell: they smell like wax or rubber, so Clinique, all we are waiting for now are watermelon, cherry and candy flavours to match their witty names! Don’t you agree?

The first ‘dupe’ I picked up was the highly raved about ‘Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains’ in the colour ‘Rendezvous’ for £8.99 (I think!). This shade is a bold orange, very similar to ‘Oversized Orange’ Chubby Stick, but a whole lot more pigmented. The intense colour matches that of a lipstick, yet the moisturising balm creates a glossy look and smooth-touch feel to your lips. And the bonus – it smells great! The strong mint scent that reminds me of After Eight mints (one of my favourites! Along with Jaffa Cakes – hmmm, Jaffa Cake flavoured lipstick…drool…) is very freshening to smell on your lips, just millimetres from your nose.

The last brand I have tried is a bit of an odd one – ‘Chit Chat’, which is Poundland’s (an English equivalent to the dollar store) own brand of makeup. I was very hesitant at first, but thought I would try it, seeing as it was only £1, but I am so impressed! The colour I chose is ‘Coral’ which is a subtle peachy colour which is something that I think the other two brands are missing; what ever happened to peachy tones? I know that the Revlon one looks peachy and the Chit Chat lip crayon looks orange in the photo, so sorry, but trust me on this one! This product is just as moisturising as the other two, the only drawbacks are that it is scentless and the packaging is very unimpressive.

So that’s it for my little collection of lip crayons…for now! If anyone knows of any other dupes or Clinique shades you would recommend, let me know below!

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