My Collection collection…


When I was in Boots the other day a deal on ‘Collection’ makeup caught my eye –

Buy Any Two ‘Collection’ Products and Get an EXTREME 24 hr Felt Tip Liner!

So, naturally, I rush over to the stand, not caring how good the liner would be or the fact that it was clearly rather old as is actually from when ‘Collection’ was ‘Collection 2000’. I repurchased the pressed powder and also nabbed myself a Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I have since tried these products and I thought I would share them with you guys!

So, the Collection Pressed Powder is a powder that I have repurchased and repurchased and repurchased…and repurchased; because I absolutely love it! I have tried other high-street pressed powders that have been raved about on you-tube and in the blogging world, for example ‘Stay Matte’ by Rimmel, and found that it mattes my face out too much. I know that that is the point, and it does do exactly what it says on the tin, however, I am personally one for a ‘no-makeup’ makeup for every day and I find that it is much more natural and effortless looking to have a slight dewy finish to your face. I’m not talking about a forehead-that-looks-polished look, but with Collection’s pressed powder I can achieve a flawless finish to my foundation, matte where it matters like my cheeks and upper forehead, and still a little shiny on the light-catching areas of my face, for example, my cheekbones. However, my skin is combination so this pretty pressed powder may not achieve the same effect on oily skin.

Word to describe it: LOVE!

Unfortunately, I am very disappointed with the Lasting Perfection concealer. I bought the lightest shade to brighten the main area I need it: my under eyes. Again, it does do what it says on the tin and really does last the whole day (I’m not sure about 16 hours because I’ve never needed to keep my makeup on that long) but I found that this product was very, very, very cakey!  Also, I found it to be very unflattering on the greeny areas of my under eye circles and the tiny veins on my lids as the colour turned almost grey, however, I am open to the idea that maybe the colour was a little too light for me.

Word to describe it: u-n-i-m-p-r-e-s-s-e-d!

The free Felt Tip Liner was, although a bonus to a miniature ‘Collection’ haul, okay. Personally I am not one for a felt tip eyeliner as I find them very difficult to apply, but the longevity of the product was okay, and all-in-all I am not dissatisfied although I don’t think I will be using it a lot.

Word to describe it: Meh!

Let me know if you agree/disagree with this review, or if there are any other Collection products that you would recommend? I am currently covering the ‘Peach Melba’ blush…?

One thought on “My Collection collection…

  1. Great blog – Always enjoy reading your opinions on stuff – and forewarned is clearly fore-armed when it comes to ‘offers’.

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