Let’s Get Naked!

IMG_0194The recently raved about “Urban Decay Naked Palette’ is a collection of eye shadows that, I’m sure, you have all heard of! Tut, tut, if you haven’t! Out of the three available palettes – Naked Basics, Naked 1 and Naked 2, I chose to purchase Naked Basics, having spent about three hours scouring other beauty blogs and vlogs for information on this fabulous new addition to the much adored Urban Decay brand. I spent another twenty minutes in Debenhams testing each colour on my hand before easily coming to my conclusion: NAKED BASICS BABY!

I say ‘easily’, the reason behind my not-so-difficult-in-the-end decision is as follows; the other two palettes, although lovely, in my opinion have too many shimmering shades. Now, tones with this sparkling quality suit different people, and I unfortunately am not one who it suits; they highlight (and not in a good way) the lines and creases in my eyelids if applied across the whole lid making me appear to have the drooping eyelids of a forty year old woman. Not those of a young lady in her late teens! Also the size had a huge impact on which palette I would walk out of the doors clutching. The Naked Basics Palette is around half the size of the other two palettes. This makes it a whole lot easier to carry around in the inside pocket of my handbag should I need to touch up my makeup during the day: handy!

Anyway, on to the palette itself…

This beautifully compact and portable palette contains five gorgeous matte shades; Foxy (also featured in the Naked 2 palette), W.O.S, Naked 2 (obviously featured in the Naked 2 palette), Faint and Crave, as well as the only shimmer; Venus. One reason my love for this beauty product is so fierce stems from how very versatile it is; Venus is a shade I use everyday in the inner corners of the eyes to open up the eye area, and also use as a highlighter on the brow bone. Foxy is a yellowy – nude shade that can double up as a concealer setter. This palette is designed perfectly to be ideal for a calm, natural smoky eye look, which can be toned down for a subtler everyday eye. However, by layering the jet black Crave and striking Venus, you can ‘glam’ up for an outstanding night out.

I am completely head-over-heels in love with this product, using it on a daily basis and constantly raving about it to all I know personally, and now to all of you!

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