Why Thank You Kurt, ELLE; Always A Pleasure!

IMG_0177Magazines are one of the main reasons why time always seems to pass so slowly; I am constantly looking forward to the next month’s edition, of ELLE, Company and Living Etc. ELLE has not failed to impress; my previous post on magazine’s complimentary samples pale in comparison to the gem that was sandwiched between the glossy face of February cover-girl, Victoria Beckham, and the wallet of protective plastic surrounding it. The small, white card informed me that if I were to purchase this month’s read for £4.00 I would also gain a ‘£20 Kurt Geiger Gift Card, in association with ELLE magazine’! To quote new blockbuster, Pitch Perfect; ‘aca-scuse me?’ It’s safe to say, I bought two.

On my recent trip to London with Charlotte (http://concealandcover.blogspot.co.uk/ ) we popped over to the incredible, famous Covent Garden. I say ‘popped’, it was more like laboured; there is a complicated tube-train route and 193 steps from the tube to the cobbled streets teeming with men painted silver, beautiful boutiques and, the new addition, London Fashion Week VIP’s tottering around in designer heels and clutching goody-bags. We weren’t quite so glamorous: we rushed around in battered pumps, our faces flushed from the tube’s cramped carriages and struggling under the weight of four ELLE magazines (two each) plus a bucket load of bags we hauled from Oxford Street.

After finally finding Kurt Geiger, leaving to sit in a café to register the gift-cards online (turns out we didn’t read all of the small print) for an hour on my iPhone and then returning again after several odd looks from long-legged saleswomen, we surveyed the mirror-walled interior for items within our budget; inevitably small after half a day in the ‘shopping central’. We both spotted the beautiful black purse, elegant in its simplicity with a faux-leather snakeskin patterned material, a small exposed pocket under the logo branded in sliver print, ideally sized for an iPhone, and a lined interior. I am not normally one for silver-coloured detail, however the chrome zip paired with the stylish, chunky zip-tag suits this wallet perfectly. This purse does not have any other small compartments, for example, several cardholders like many other purses, however, it is ideally suited for a small handbag or a short shopping trip where only a couple of notes, a few pieces of loose change and a debit card are needed. One Kurt Geiger gift card down, one to go!

My eyes then caught sight of one small makeup bag, sitting by itself on the bottom shelf of a stand in the centre of the room. I snatched it up before the other covetous customers could get their hands on it! The material is similar to the purse with the leathery, snakeskin patterns, however this is different; the colour is a lovely dusty-rose while the gold coloured detailing and logo contributes beautifully to the case. The inside is lined with a creamy coloured fabric, and a small pouch (ideal for a couple of small makeup brushes) clings to the side. The colour of the inside may be a small problem, as all my previous makeup bags have ended their ‘run’ with foundation smudges, specks of powder and lines of dark eye-liner covering the interior. But I try to convince myself that the makeup inside will cover the inner, stained fabric, right?

So, in an essay style conclusion (I realise I have rambled on quite a bit here!), having bought myself two brilliant magazines for a total of £4 each, I have consequently acquired two, rather gorgeous, Kurt Geiger accessories for the price of a good read. I understand that I cannot read the same magazine twice over (I wish!), so one will just have to go to a friend. Sigh.

One ELLE magazine for me. One ELLE magazine for you. One Kurt Geiger purse for me. One Kurt Geiger makeup bag for…me also…


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