The ‘Benefits’ of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The ‘Benefits’ of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

‘Dazzle Me Dahling!’ – £29.33

I received this Benefit cosmetics ‘Dazzle me Dahling!’ set for Christmas, in the Christmas Eve sale, and I know it’s been quite a while since Christmas, but I have only just started using the products, and I wanted to tell you all about them; the good, the bad, and the ugly!

I know what you’re probably thinking; In a previous post (Once Upon a ‘ChaChaTint’) I was saying Benefit is over priced and not good value, so why would I have gone out and bought a whole collection; this is a bit hypocritical! Well, that may be true, but, despite still thinking that the full price of each product individually IS too expensive, I do really like the products themselves! The sale price for this kit was £29.33, and I worked out that this was actually quite good value; it was just like buying the full priced bronzer (I still think the full price is way too high) and getting the rest almost free, right? The set came in a cute cardboard trunk (which I am now using as a samples box), and included a large sized ‘BADgal Lash’ mascara, a full-seized ‘Hoola’ bronzer, a sample of the ‘POREfessional’ pore minimiser, a tester of the ‘One Kinda Gorgeous’ foundation and a sample of the ‘LeeLee’ perfume.

The Good

Okay, let’s start with the testers. The first sample that came in this set was the ‘POREfessional’ pore minimiser. This product is a lot like primer in its silky texture and lightweight application and works to fill large pores around the nose and lower forehead in particular. I’ll admit I was a little confused about this product at first because, being only a sample, it didn’t provide much information. I actually found myself having a debate at one point about its function and application with a friend! After using it, however, I have found that this product really does expertly work to conceal small facial lines and pores, and, if it weren’t £23.50 for the full size, I would definitely be purchasing this.

Another impressive product was the full-sized ‘Hoola’ bronzer pot with a brush included, which, at full price, is £23.50. A benefit (no pun intended!) of this product is the colour; there is no sparkle or shine that makes it appear more natural when applied to the face, perfect for the upcoming spring and summer! However, I have had a little trouble actually applying the product, but I think it is a problem I have, not the bronzer. The bronzer I used before this one was the H&M bronzer that happened to be very faint, therefore requiring quite a lot on the brush to notice a difference. This meant that the first few times I used Benefit’s soft bronzing powder and thick brush-bristles I ended up with a lot more than I expected, looking a little bit like the foolish lady coming out of a tanning spa who spends just that few hours longer than everyone else on the sun-beds! I don’t think I will be buying this product again as the price is a little bit ridiculous, à mon avis, as they say in France (I’m not sure where that came from! I must be feeling exotic with all this talk of holiday-look-tanning)!

The Bad

The second tester-sized product was the ‘LeeLee’ eau de toilette. This perfume has a lovely floral, yet citrusy, scent with a blend of melon, citrus, lily blossoms and jasmine (jasmine-perfect for me right!). An added bonus is also, to be fair, the price: I don’t think that the full-size price, £29.50, is too bad for a perfume, what do you think? Despite loving to try out new scents, I have mixed feelings regarding perfume samples in gift sets such as this one, and I’m never keen when they include them in my GlossyBox, for example. A good sized, posh bullet may be acceptable, however, with samples in a small plastic spritzer-bottle (you know the ones I mean) I often feel that I could have gotten it free of charge from a counter if I showed a particular interest in that particular perfume. I am, nevertheless, going to let this one slide as it is only an added bonus to a perfectly adequate gift-set, but only just, as the size of this perfume sample was a little disappointing. Let me know what your views are on companies putting perfume samples into sets that you pay good money for!

The Ugly

The ‘One Kinda Gorgeous’ foundation was the sample that I was least impressed with out of the three. The sample is absolutely tiny: just a little larger than the size of a ten pence piece, for starters! Secondly, I generally prefer foundations that have really good coverage; I have freckles on my nose that I try my hardest to conceal on a daily basis, and I found that this foundation didn’t cover well enough. Also this type of foundation did not seem suited to dry prone skin and it highlighted the dryness of the skin around my nose (I do have oily skin in general but the skin around my nose does appear the only part of my face that gets dry and flaky, I will soon be putting up a night-time routine post which shows how I deal with this problem).

Likewise, I was less impressed with the ‘BADgal Lash’ mascara than I was expecting. I was pleased with the full-size (priced individually at £16.50), however, the bad outweighs the good in my opinion. The wand is a standard size with thick bristles, but, paired with this formula, covers the lashes in a very thin coating, meaning that the lashes are lengthened but not volumized. This isn’t particularly ideal for me as my lashes are naturally long but not terribly thick. Also, the mascara in the set isn’t waterproof, which, in January’s cold and wet whether, is very inconvenient for durability during the day, but easy to remove before bed. So this product’s merits, I suppose, would depend on the individual, as it has pros and cons; ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’.

So there you have it: the good, the bad and the ugly in a Benefit makeup set!

P.S. Sorry about the long post; there’s just so much to say and so little space!


One thought on “The ‘Benefits’ of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. I’ve always though Benefit is such a rip off! The prices are just ridiculous really. But this set does seem to be good value I think considering. And I totally get what you mean about getting perfume samples in sets like this. I could walk into boots and get one for free so if I’m buying a set I’d expect more than that! Great blog post!!!

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