Removing Makeup the Primark Way

IMG_1238Primark – £1 for a 2-pack

Speaking of Primark products (my last post: ‘Bittersweet Pain-In-The-Neck-Lace’), this is a make-up wipe I cannot fault! Just £1 will buy you two good-sized packs of much needed make-up removal wipes!

I used to spend…I don’t even know how much, on expensive ‘Simple’ make-up removal wipes because I thought they were going to remove more with each wipe, while also being gentle on my skin, than cheaper brands. However, at the checkout in Primark, my eyes were lead towards a stack of wipes, packed in pairs, and the incredible price standing on top of them.
I bought four packs (I needed to stock up!), and even if they didn’t work out; I barely paid anything!

So, I was quite sceptical of them; I was worried I would end up going through five wipes to get rid of a small amount of foundation, when my ‘Simple’ wipes would get rid of waterproof mascara with one wipe, and my foundation with another (I don’t wear an inordinate amount of make-up, I just don’t like wiping a half dirty wipe around my face! Does anyone?). But, when I actually used them that night, I found that I was getting ALL the products off my face with just ONE wipe! Better than the other, more expensive brands. Plus, since using these, I have not noticed any negative impacts on my skin’s health.

I have found that looking on the back of products proves that all you’re paying for is the brand name, as they are always very similar ingredients, plus, no-one who cares sees the brand of make-up removal wipes your using…so why pay more?

I am living very happily with these and have a whole drawer dedicated to them! What? It’s only in case they stop selling them or something!


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