Bittersweet Pain-In-The-Necklace

IMG_1167Primark – £5.00

This necklace jumped out at me when reading last months ‘Company’ magazine, so when I saw the price I was practically knocked over! With £5 you can’t go wrong, right?

Amazing, I know.

This fashion statement has a graceful air with the pearls, but an edge too, provided by the bronze antique-gold thick chain. This makes it the perfect accessory to a delicate, white summer dress, or a black leather jacket and dark skater dress outfit.

However, it IS a cheap necklace from Primark, no matter how beautiful, so it IS going to have its drawbacks. After about three or four wears, one of the diamante jewels fell out. And a couple more wears after that (I still loved it despite the ill-fated imperfection) another fell out. And another one after that. I know it won’t take too much to ‘super-glue’ the couple I managed to salvage from being lost forever, but it’s still a pain-in-the-necklace (pun very much intended)!

Nevertheless, even after taking this flaw into account, I still bought another one very similar; it is exactly the same, but long, dangling dog collar spikes hang in place of the pearl drops. I will love this too… so long as it stays intact, and maybe even if it doesn’t!


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