I Got The ‘Hidden Treasure’ Matey!

IMG_1154Quick Review: 4/5

Not So Quick Review:

I have coveted Topshop’s ‘Hidden Treasure’ for ages…and, for Christmas, I finally got the loot!

I was enchanted by the variety of colours in the one bottle: blues, greens, gold, even orange. I found it a couple of weeks ago when, as usual, I was stood in Topshop peeking at all the nail varnish names. It sounds silly, but I really think they are hilarious! And what sounds even sillier is that, when I saw this particularly capturing polish, the name ‘Hidden Treasure’ sealed the deal as it fit this polish perfectly!

However, I did have to debate whether I should knock off one point from being 5/5 on my Quick Review due to how quickly the colour chipped off my nails. I decided I should, just to be completely honest in this review, but just know that this product is worth even a day of people commenting on your ‘treasured’ nail polish!



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