Dreams Really Do Come True!


Boots – ‘essie’ Matte Top Coat – £8

Quick Review: 5/5

Not So Quick Review:

This product, by the famous ‘essie’ nail varnish brand, was one that I was quite sceptical about, before I actually used it! The idea that a topcoat could make a shiny, liquid colour appear as a matte, soft shade was unbelievable and was only, until I saw this hiding at the bottom of the ‘essie’ shelf in Boots, a product of my dreams!

Thank you ‘essie’, you’re my Fairy Godmother!

This nail varnish (if you could even call it a ‘varnish’) does exactly as the bottle says, despite my previous prejudice.

To be honest, I couldn’t fault it even if you paid me! The unique fashion finish acts perfectly as a top-coat, not causing the colour underneath to fade or the varnish to chip.

This is living proof – dreams really do come true!


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