Sleek Lipstick

IMG_0785I received the full size – worth £4.99

Quick review:


Not so quick review:
I was actually really nervous about the day that I would finally get a lipstick in the post from GlossyBox; I figured they would choose a random colour for me and I would never be able to use it because it would be for someone with too dark skin, or too pale skin, or…Oh, I don’t know what!
However, imagine my delight when the coral colour (pink with orange undertones) was perfect for my olive skin tone! Hooray!
What I had forgotten about was the ten, short minutes I had spent, when ordering my GlossyBox subscription three months ago, filling in a questionnaire about my skin type and skin tone. They had actually used my answers and made an informed decision to specifically give me this lipstick!
How thoughtful?
The sleek (get it!?), black casing of this product appears very expensive and the easy-to-use applicator and perfect pocket-size is ideal.
I only have one teeny tiny criticism – personally, I prefer my lipsticks to be matte as I believe that if you want shiny lips you should buy a clear lipgloss, right?


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